New Construction in Coogee

This home is truly one-of-a-kind! The homeowner himself, who is an architect has created a stunning design that features soaring high ceilings, secret doors, and energy efficient details. The combination of the architect’s creative vision and our construction expertise has resulted in a unique home that will surely be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Custom Build in the Eco Village

This 80sqm custom-designed home boasts raking ceilings and energy-efficient features. Achieving an impressive 9.2-star energy rating, this house has been constructed for the future, fully compliant with the new NCC standards set to take effect in WA in 2025. We are confident that this prefabricated home be comfortable for years to come.

Custom Beach House in Green Head

This 140sqm custom-designed home boasts raking ceilings and energy-efficient features, such as Heat Recovery Ventilation, double glazing and insulation. Designed to passive solar principles and sealed with the German designed membranes…

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