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Who we are and what we do

Eco Homes Group was founded by Marco Tassi, a civil engineer from Italy, who is the building practitioner of the company. Marco is also a certified passive house designer and builder. At Eco Homes Group we specialise in designing and building new custom homes and we want to help Western Australia to build in a better way. We are working towards setting a new standard in the construction industry of sustainability and comfort. By adopting good design, insulation, double glazing and other energy-efficient features we can build high-performance and passive homes that are healthy, sustainable and economical.

Our process: design, cost analysis and construction

We have in-house designers and estimators in our office team. Our process consists of first creatingthe design of your home, doing a detailed cost analysis, and then constructing it. When we do both the design and construction we find that we can better control the design to match your budget.
Therefore we can provide you with an accurate, fixed price to build prior to signing the contract.

Prefabricated construction

We can build healthy, sustainable and economical homes with different methods of construction.For most of our projects in regional areas we use timber frame construction and construct most of the build offsite using a prefabricated system. This system allows us to build custom homes and is not a modular system. The controlled environment of a factory setting can reduce waste and improve the quality of the installation. This system also allows for faster assembly on-site compared to traditional construction methods.

Meet the team


Marco Tassi

Passive Home Designer and Registered Builder

Introducing Marco Tassi, the visionary founder of Eco Homes Group. Marco, a civil engineer from Italy, embarked on his journey into construction as an energy efficiency consultant after earning his engineering degree. He then transitioned to a prominent construction company, where his passion for crafting energy-efficient and sustainable homes flourished. With a wealth of experience that includes serving as a site supervisor, Marco continued his dedication to the construction industry upon arriving in Australia in 2012. Today, he is not only a registered builder but also a certified Passive House Designer and Builder, cementing his commitment to creating eco-friendly, high-performance homes.


Denise Malmberg

Project Manager & Designer

With a decade of construction industry experience and qualifications as a draftswoman and client liaison, I’m here to turn your dreams into reality. My commitment to sustainability was ignited when I moved from Sweden to Australia, experiencing extreme indoor temperatures in Perth. Inspired by this, my dream is to contribute to creating energy-efficient homes that benefit the planet and offer enhanced comfort to their residents. My passion for house design and architecture has driven me to explore various architectural styles and cultural influences during my travels. Additionally, I find creativity in crafting furniture from recycled materials, further enhancing my dedication to sustainable living.


Simone Ticozzi

Designer & Estimator

As a qualified draftsman with a constant thirst for expanding knowledge in the construction industry, I am from Italy but have ventured across the globe, calling the UK and France home during my travels. With a profound appreciation for architecture and a deep commitment to sustainable building methods, I’m on a mission to create practical and beautiful homes that are designed for the future. My expertise in Building Information Modeling (BIM) allows me to model and design with precision, ensuring that every project aligns with the vision of sustainable, forward-thinking construction.


Victoria Ortiz

Designer & Estimator

I am a seasoned architect with a strong academic foundation in Argentina, my career has been defined by a passionate commitment to sustainability. Over a decade of practical experience has shaped my expertise in this field. My journey took me to Germany for six transformative months before my recent relocation to Australia. Alongside my deep affection for Building Information Modeling (BIM), I have an enduring love for art, particularly drawing, and an unending fascination with the nuances of architectural design.


Tahlia Carter

Project Admin

I’m the behind-the-scenes maestro, ensuring everything ticks like clockwork. With a knack for administration honed over the years, I keep our projects on track while indulging in my passion for construction. Interacting with people is where I thrive—I’m all about building connections and fostering teamwork. Off the clock, you’ll find me lost in art projects, channeling my creative energy. I’m not just your average admin; I bring passion, organization, and a whole lot of personality to the table. 


Lindsey Sterling

Designer & Estimator

My journey in architecture began in Canada, focusing on multi-family projects like townhomes and condos, and later transitioning to single-family residential work. I’m deeply committed to sustainable living and enhancing home quality in Australia, particularly addressing the extreme temperature fluctuations in houses during the different seasons. Beyond architecture, I find creative solace in arts and crafts and maintain balance through an active lifestyle. My diverse experiences and dedication to sustainability position me well to positively impact the Australian housing scene.


Fabio Nicolosi

Project Supervisor

In Italy, I operated my own construction business with 14 employees, where we utilised various construction methods. After relocating to Australia, I downsized and managed my own painting business. My time in painting made me appreciate the importance of each construction phase and the impact on the final product. A well-constructed canvas makes painting much smoother. I joined Eco Homes Group with a strong passion for energy-efficient homes, bringing my expertise to maintain high standards and align with our shared commitment to quality and energy efficiency.

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